Size: Any size is possible. We produce Wallpaper according to the individual dimensions of the customer's 

Material: You can choose desired material for wallpaper

Price: calculated for 1 sq.m.

Shipping: the order is delivered within 3-4 days after its confirmation

You can place an order: Online on our website, or via whatsapp, as well as in our office.

Why us?

1. We have the best prices

2. We produce wall murals, do not resell them

3. We can produce murals or fresco from any photo, we don't limit our customer to a standard collection.

4. We can produce wallpaper or mural in any size, not standard.

5. We approach each order individually.

6. We have hyper powerful technical support and customer service

7. We work quickly, efficiently and produce hiqh quality production.

8. We produce our products only on high-quality European materials.

9. We are a serious company in the construction sector.

10. The iDesign Bureau company workson market for more than 10 years, we have long established reputation from the best side.